Blink-182 – Edging

I ain’t that cool, a little fucked in the headThey’ll be hangin’ me quick when I’m back from the deadGet the rope, get the ropeGet the rope, get the ropeI’m a punk rock kid, I came from hell with a curseShe tried to pray it away, so I fucked her in churchDon’t you know? Don’t … More Blink-182 – Edging

Tell Me Baby

They come from every state to findSome dreams were meant to be declinedTell the man what did you have in mindWhat have you come to do? No turning water into wineNo learning while you’re in the lineI’ll take you to the broken signYou see these lights are blue Come and get itLost it at the … More Tell Me Baby

Open your eyes.

Hide your face forever Dream and search forever Have you ever been for sale? When your isms get smart Oh so selfish and mindless With that comment in your eye Do you think that you are hard? Really harder than the other Man you’re acting cold If you are not in charge Don’t split your … More Open your eyes.